Bosporus and Dardanelles passage regulations – P&I Insurance

19 March 2003 No.470
VITSAN A.S, our correspondent in Istanbul, Turkey has advised us of the followings.

[From 20 March 2003 it will be obligatory for vessels (500GT and above) passing Turkishstraits to provide the Traffic Control Station with renewed full set of P&I certificate of entry and its endorsements (a copy of the certificate of entry is acceptable.) prior to vessel's entry to Turkish straits in stead of expired certificate attaching "confirmation letter" by an insurance company or "guarantee letter". There is no fine in the case of violation of the rule, however the authority have the power to reject vessel's entry into the straits.]

The Association has already issued and sent out a set of entry certificate for 2003 policy year for all entered vessels to the Members. We believe that the Members have distributed the original, certified copy or photo copy of the certificate of entry onboard each vessel to meet the requirements by AMSA (Australia Maritime Safety Authority) and other authorities, and would like to remind you of the above to avoid unexpected delay of the vessel's schedule.

In case of urgency our correspondent in Istanbul is accessible as below;-

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