Honduras – Oil Spill Response – new requirements update

8 June 2018 No.966

Members are kindly requested to refer to our special circulars No.17-010 dated 22 December 2017 and No.17-011 dated 26 December 2017 regarding the captioned matter.


We have now been advised by the Honduran Maritime Authority that the new requirements came into force in Puerto Cortes on 26 May 2018, though the original implementation date was set on 15 January 2018, and also have received the additional information from the government-approved OSRO in Puerto Cortes, Oil Pollution Control, SA, Honduras (OPC) , which is quoted below:


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  1. The December 2017 contract is the correct version of the OSRO contract.

  2. The shipowners have two options either subscribe a contract or subscribe a purchase order every time a ship arrives into Honduran Ports. In either case a Certificate of Coverage will be issued. Normally the stand by fee will be applied per voyage basis.

  3. It has to be done in advance due to the fact that the Shipping agency has to notify us at least 48 hours prior to arrival in order to be ready when the ship arrives into the ports.

  4. The stand by fee is calculated according to the GRT of each ship and the following table;

 1 Liquid Bulk Carriers (including oil tankers greater than 150 GRT) 0.03
 2 Cargo Ships (400 to 15,000 GRT)
dry cargo ships, dry bulk carriers, general cargo, container ships, ferries ships, passenger ships, Ro-Ro etc. (They do not include liquid bulk carriers)
 3 Cargo Ships 15,001 GRT or greater 0.028
 4 Oil Tankers less than 150 GRT
Cargo Ships less than 400 GRT

* a Government TAX FEE (15%) should be added.


  1. In case of a spill, OPC has its own rates depending on the types of incidents that may happen.


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