Harbour Strike information in Spain

5 June 2017 No.897

We have obtained information on the harbour strike on 5th, 7th and 9th of June in Spain from AZURE MARINE ADVISERS S.L.  Please contact your local agent for more detailed information in case your good vessel is scheduled to call the Spanish ports.


We hope it will be of help to you with regard to the safe voyaging. 


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In Spain, the Unions of Stevedores (CETM) and the Association of Terminals and Agents (ANESCO) did not reach any agreement yet and therefore, the stevedores will go on strike tomorrow 5th of June and should continue the 7th and 9th of June (on odd hours only for the three days). It is expected for the parties involved to hold a meeting soon, but it is not clear whether they will be able to reach an agreement to solve this situation. Apart from the above-mentioned three days, the Unions have called for 5 extra days of strike. This is 19th, 21st and 23rd June (the three days on odd hours) and two days of full strike (14th June at 8:00 hours up to 16th June at 8:00 hours).

For the time being, please note that most of road carriers/hauliers in Valencia are already refusing to work on the days of strike.

Summarizing, unless the parties find a solution soon, the weeks 24th and 25th will be a headache in all Spanish ports, but the worst should be in Valencia.

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