USCG Safety Alert – Update 1 – Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone Safety Recall

26 October 2016 No.853
USCG (United States Coast Guard) has issued a Safety Alert (Safety Alert 15-16; Update 1), regarding safety recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone.

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The Coast Guard strongly recommends immediately powering down and ending all use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ordered banning the recalled devices from airplanes starting on October 15, 2016.  Maritime operators should review potential fire hazards related to the recall, especially for operations that include checked baggage or unattended vehicles as on ferries.  The Coast Guard recommends taking the following actions in instances where a Galaxy Note 7 is discovered on a vessel:
* Turn off the phone;
* Disconnect the phone from any charging equipment;
* Disable all applications that could inadvertently activate the phone such as the alarm clock;
* Protect the power switch to prevent it from being turned on;
* Keep the device accessible under constant supervision.

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We hope it will be of help to you with regard to the safe voyage.

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