Philippines – Liquefaction of Nickel Ore (2)

7 October 2016 No.851
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Please let us refer you to our circular No.12-005 and Japan P&I News No.780, “Philippines – Safe Carriage of Nickel Ore Cargoes”.

During rainy season from 
November to April in the Philippines, it is required to take more precautious measures for the issues of liquefaction of nickel ore exported from the Philippines.  Particularly, far more care should be taken for cargoes exported from Surigao located in the Southern Philippines, where is the most popular location for loading nickel ore as well as prominent rain-fall areas.  As it is too risky to simply accept the cargo certificate for water contents issued by a mine’s individual standard, it is advisable for shipowners to obtain independent samples for analysis and results prior to the vessels’ arrival in order to ascertain that the cargo is fit for loading by judging from Flow Moisture Point and Transportable Moisture Limit governed by an international code, the IMSBC.  If the Members would like to carry out a survey at a loading port, please do not hesitate to contact us for such an arrangement.

We provide you with guidance from local P&I Correspondents, Pandiman Philippines, Inc.  Your kind attention again to the problem and cautious manners would be appreciated.
The circular in question was made by Pandiman Philippines Inc.  It is not meant that our Club recommend particular companies to be appointed.