Egypt – Guidelines for the import of wheat that is affected by the Ergot Fungus

20 September 2016 No.847
Middle East Survey & Control Office (MESCO), our correspondent in Egypt, has kindly provided the Association with information about the change of the local authorities’ guidelines for the import of wheat, which enforces zero tolerance on wheat affected by the Ergot Fungus. Please find attached circular.

In addition to the above change of the guidelines, the local authorities have recently rejected the grain cargo in several cases due to a cargo not being within the permissible specifications for it to be imported.
As those issues are not relevant to the carriage contract but to the sale contract, the Owners have nothing to do with such problem. However, as it is foreseeable that the vessel may be involved with such trouble, our correspondents recommended to stipulate a clause in the C/P to the effect that the vessel is to remain on hire even if the cargo is refused by the authorities due to a quality issue and the Owners are to be absolved from any expenses or responsibility arising therefrom.