Non – authentic copies of GUARDCON

28 July 2015 No.751

Members are referred to the Special Circulars No.11-029 dated 29 March 2012 and No.14-001 dated 9 April 2014 having introduced the BIMCO GUARDCON contract for the employment of private maritime security companies (PMSCs) as well as its’ recommended amendments for use off West Africa, developed by BIMCO with input from the International Group Clubs.

BIMCO recently published on their website a warning that a number of PMSCs are using non-authentic copies of GUARDCON to conclude transit agreement with shipowners.  BIMCO indicate that these unofficial versions of GUARDCON use wordings different from the genuine GUARDON and may lessen the liabilities and responsibilities of PMSCs.  As the changes are not clearly marked in the text, it may be difficult for a shipowner to detect them.

A genuine and authentic copy of GUARDCON is available through BIMCO’s online contract editing system, IDEA2.  The Club emphasize BIMCO’s recommendation that Members verify the source of any GUARDCON contract they are presented with to establish that it has been printed directly from IDEA2.  If in doubt, Members can contact the BIMCO Secretariat who will do a verification check.