New Requirements for Confirmation of P&I Cover – Mumbai, INDIA (Part 2)

5 August 2003 No.486
We refer to Japan P&I News No.485 dated 24 July, 2003 on this subject.

After the Secretary of the International Group of P&I Clubs wrote a letter to the MumbaiPort Trust (MPT) to explain the position of the International Group and ask for thedeferment of the deadline of 31 July, the meeting between the MPT and localcorrespondents of P&I Clubs and other organizations was held last week. P&I ServicesPvt. Ltd., our correspondent in Mumbai, INDIA has informed us as follows.

"I had a meeting with the Deputy Conservator, Mumbai Port Trust last week when I haddrawn his attention to the letter addressed by International Group of P&I Association andalso explained the rational of UN recommendation. He had informed me that the matter isunder consideration by the legal department and he was expecting to meet theCorrespondents of other P&I Clubs and thereafter decision will be taken. Indeed decisionhas been taken in this regard to withdraw."

Although the Secretary of the International Group has not received any response from the MPT, it is considered that the MPT's circular requiring the validation of P&I Cover hasbeen withdrawn. If any other information is available, we will let you know in duecourse.