New Requirements for Confirmation of P&I Cover-Mumbai, INDIA

24 July 2003 No.485
We have been advised by our correspondent in Mumbai, INDIA that from 31st July 2003 anyapplication to enter Mumbai port will not received without a certificate from the localClub correspondent confirming the validity of P&I Cover.

In the circular addressed to all Agents and Owners, the Deputy Conservator of the MumbaiPort Trust(MPT) states as quoted hereunder:

"It has come to light that through the P&I Covers being produced by vessels arriving inthe port are valid for a year as shown in the certificate against the validity, the coverbecomes technically invalid due to the non-payment of the premium which is paid quarterly.Hence, it is required by all agents to produce a certificate from the local correspondentof the concerned P&I Club confirming the validity of the same so as to avail of theservices of the Mumbai Port Trust.Furthermore, no application will be received without this certificate from the 31st July2003. Till then, the application may be received with an assurance of submitting the saidcertificate within a day".

At present it is not certain whether a standard Confirmation of Entry provided by theAssociation to Members on the Members?demand will satisfy the MPT's requirements. Itshould be stressed that the correspondents are not in a position to confirm the validityof the Members?P&I Cover and payment/non-payment of the premium etc., and that theAssociation does not instruct them to do so.

In the light of the above situation, the Secretary of the International Group of P&IClubs has already contacted the MPT to explain the position of the International Group;namely, in all cases other than where a State requires assurance that insurance is inplace in accordance with the terms of International Convention, the Group recommends theState to ensure the vessel carrying a Certificate of Entry on board, which has beenaccepted under the Guidelines adopted at IMO. The Group also has proposed to MPT to deferthe deadline of 31st July 2003 in order to discuss the matter further. According to thelocal information it is reported that the port authorities have agreed to postpone thedeadline and hold a meeting with concerned parties next week. We are going to keep youinformed of further developments.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact us freely. Ourcorrespondent in Mumbai is accessible as below:

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