Report on 2003 Policy Year P&I Condition Surveys

26 August 2004 No.04-006

We are pleased to report to you on the condition surveys carried out during the 2003 Policy Year (20 February 2003-20 February 2004).


1. General Policy
Our criteria are as follows ;
(1) Pre-entry survey : All vessels : 10 years old and more, however ;
(a) Any chemical tankers with coated tanks : 6 years old and more
(2) Entered vessels : All vessels : at 16 years old, and in addition ;
(a) Any vessels suffering two or more similar accidents due to unseaworthiness
(b) Any chemical tanker with coated tanks entered for Indemnity Risks : when 6 years old
(c) Any reefer vessels entered for Indemnity Risks : when 11 years old
(3) Re-check :
(a) All vessels surveyed by under (1) and (2) above : Every 4 years after the first survey.
(b) Vessels entered when over 20 years : Every 2 years after the entry survey.
Note:-1 "Re-check" was introduced for the first time in 2003.
2 In addition to the above criteria, from time to time a surveyor who is attending a vessel to check the cause and extent of cargo damage may be given a special order to carry out a condition survey of the vessel. (There were two cases in 2003)


2. 87 Vessels were surveyed

In total 87 vessels were surveyed, 23 being surveys of entered vessels and 64 pre-entry, a similar number to last year. Surveys were carried out in Korea (45), Japan (20), Singapore (6), Taiwan (4), China & Argentina (each 2), Germany, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Vietnam, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Holland (1 each).


3. Types of Vessels
General Cargo Vessels 25(43)
PCC/RORO Vessels 13( 0)
Crude/Methanol Tankers 12(12)
Chemical Tankers 10( 8)
Reefer Carriers 9( 2)
LPG/LNG Tankers 5( 0)
Bulk Carriers 5(16)
Container Carriers 2(2)
Cement Carriers 2(2)
Fishing Boats 2(0)
Ore Bulk Carrier 1(1)
Wood Chip Carrier 1(1)

Total 87 vessels
*( ) shows the previous year


4. Recommendations

In total there were 257 recommendations for 78 vessels, the details being :

(1) Repairs required
a. Hatch covers/Hatch coamings 46
b. Holds/Tanks 55
c. Shell Plate/Bulkhead 2
d. Decks/Bulwark 39
e. Water tight doors 2
f. Mooring gear 6
g. Cargo gear 2
h. Lashing gear 2
i. Others 15
j. Main/Auxiliary Engine 16
(2) Inappropriate documentation or certificates
a. Charts 30
b. Emergency Equipment 18
c. Owners Instructions 10
d. Others 14

Total 257


5. Follow Up by the Association

As a result of the condition surveys, cover was restricted for 14 vessels and owners were asked to take immediate steps to rectify deficiencies. However no vessels were refused entry (10 vessels have been refused entry over the past 12 years). The restrictions in cover will be lifted after it has been confirmed in follow up surveys that the deficiencies have been rectified.


6. The Association's Policy

We hope the newly introduced "Re-check" rule will contribute towards loss prevention. In the Ship Technical Committee, the International Group of P & I Clubs has been discussing unifying the "Condition Survey Report Form", and so we hope that in future our Association's condition surveys will be carried out using an agreed International Group form.

Condition Survey Committee