New Californian Oil Pollution regulations – Non-Tank Vessel No. 6

18 January 2000 No.99-024

We refer to our circular No.99-009, No.99-011, No.99-012 and No.99-015. We would like to inform you of the latest position of the captioned regulations as follows:

The Non-Tank Vessel Contingency Plan and Financial Responsibility regulations promulgated by the California Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR) were approved by the Office of Administrative Law and were filed with the Secretary of State on 28 December 1999. The regulations will become effective on 3 February 2000. On and after the date of implementation, any Non-Tank Vessel of 300 gross tons or greater shall not trade in California marine waters without keeping on board the Contingency Plan approved by the Department of Fish and Game. A Certificate of Financial Responsibility (COFR) is also required on board on and after the date.

However, due to the large number of COFR applications the State of California has been receiving, they will continue to issue interim COFRs. Vessels will be allowed to trade in California under the interim COFR until the final COFR is issued. According to the Department of Fish and Game, the final COFRs will not be issued until sometime during the middle of 2000.

An application of COFR can be obtained from the Department of Fish and Game homepage at or by faxing your request (+1-916-323-4727, attn: Ms. Cheryl Mitchell).