[VIDEO SEMINARS] “Risk Assessment” & “Dragging Anchor Preventive Measures-Part1 & Part2”

31 October 2022
The contents of the new video are:

"Risk Assessment"

In this seminar, we explain the risk assessment, which is one of the measures to prevent accidents.

"Dragging Anchor Preventive Measures-Part1-“Touya Maru” Accident"

Taking the example of the Touya Maru accident, which was the worst catastrophe in the history of marine disasters in Japan, we will explore some hints for preventing anchor dragging accidents.

"Dragging Anchor Preventive Measures-Part2-Mechanism of Dragging Anchor-Technical Aspects ①"

We introduce the mechanism of dragging anchor in 3 seminars. Firstly, we explain the cause of dragging anchor in this seminar.