Conflicts in Ukraine (No.12)

19 May 2022 No.1172

We would like to report the latest updates in Ukraine and Russia. As to the former relative information, please refer to our Japan P&I News No.1170 dated 12 May 2022.



Martial law still has been introduced in Ukraine and there is a curfew. All Ukrainian Ports are closed. Sea Mines are found at coast of Odessa.



The same as before, Russian ports continue their normal operations, but the local correspondents report that the Azov Sea, a North-east area of Black Sea and near to Crimea Bridge are closed for navigation. The Joint War Committee (JWC) added Russia’s waters to its list of areas deemed high risk in addition to Ukrainian and Russian waters in the Azov Sea and Black Sea.


Sanctions applied to some of Russian banks by the US, EU and UK. These countries are still restricting the sale, supply, transfer or export of military goods, dual-use goods, critical industry goods and technology to Russia. Sanctions to Russian officers and individuals who have strong effects on supporting the aggression are still keeping on. All EU ports are closed for Russian-flagged vessels.


Please note that the change of local situation is so unforeseeable, that the above is to be updated accordingly. It is highly recommended for members to check the latest information at the time of vessel’s calling through local agents in Ukraine.