Indonesia-Vessel Detentions (No.2)

17 September 2021 No.1138

Spica Services, our correspondents in Indonesia and Singapore, has kindly provided the Association with information about the re-increasing number of vessels being detained by the Indonesian Navy in the Eastern portion of the Singapore Strait. As to the former relative information, please refer to the previous Japan P&I News No.1020 dated 12 March 2019.


Detentions have been concentrated in the popular anchoring places around Bintan Island, where is the area within Indonesian territorial waters as before. These days, the Indonesian Navy has conducted detentions to vessels which anchored in the area North and East of Horsburgh Light, which is a popular place to anchor, but within Indonesian territorial waters.


To avoid difficulties, Spica Services suggested that a local agent must be appointed to obtain clearance, declare the vessel and keep AIS on at all times.