International Group reports record year for education

4 August 2021 No.21-006

Since it launched in 2010, the International Group(IG)’s P&I Qualification (P&IQ) programme has grown to become one of the shipping industry’s foremost professional courses. In 2020, with its international reach and network, the IG P&IQ found itself perfectly positioned to deliver its courses and exams online. This led to the greatest participation levels to date, with 657 candidates sitting P&IQ examinations in the year.


The qualification provides invaluable knowledge for those working in the maritime sphere, including the structure of the shipping industry, the history and operation of P&I Clubs and the operation of other insurances as well as guides to the different types of liabilities and problems encountered by shipowners and charterers.


In order to highlight the benefits of taking part and provide more insightful information on how the course operates, the IG has launched a series of videos and testimonials. We hope these will encourage new candidates to feel engaged with the programme and progress through the different modules. For more details, please see and