Greece-Increased Fines for Marine Pollution

21 January 2020 No.1052

We would like to announce the latest information about Pollution Fines of Greece. According to A. NASSIKAS LAW FIRM, there has been a major increase of fines in the event of oil pollution which came into effect on 31 December, 2019 as follows:


Maximum amount of fine before 31 December, 2019 Maximum amount of fine after 31 December, 2019
i. In every pollution situation, i.e. such that are not deemed to cause serious detrimental effect to the marine environment(*) EUR60,000 EUR100,000
ii. In case of serious pollution(*) EUR1,200,000 EUR2,000,000
iii. In the special case where pollution is caused deliberately in order to benefit the interests of a company or other legal entity (in addition to i or ii) EUR500,000 EUR800,000


* Please note that there is no clear definition of i and ii. According to local lawyer, if the pollution expands to a large sea area, or affects negatively and clearly the biodiversity of the sea environment or touristic sight, authorities would consider the pollution as a “serious” one.