Ukraine – Development of Ballast Water Problems (No. 3)

24 May 2019 No.1025

We have received the below information about the development of ballast water problems in Ukraine from our local correspondents (Dias Marine Consulting p.c.) and lawyers (ANK Law Office).


From 28 April 2019 under the Resolution No. 367, discharge of the isolated ballast water in the territorial sea, internal sea ways of Ukraine is allowed without any restrictions. State Ecological Inspection is also forbidden to execute control of the segregated ballast waters on seagoing ships.


Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers adopted the Resolution No. 367 “Some Issues of Deregulation of Commercial Activity”. The resolution No. 367 was adopted in order to ensure abolishing the excessive administration proceedings leading to unnecessary complication of the commercial activities, which amends the Government Resolution No. 269 “The Rules of Protection of Inland Sea Waters and Territorial Waters from Littering and Polluting” dated 29 February 1996. The Resolution No. 367 came into legal force with effect on 28 April 2019.


However, it is predicted that Ecological Inspection try to continue to attack the ships. We suggest that the Members contact local agents or correspondents immediately, in case the vessel get involved into any troubles with Ecological Inspection.