Yemen – Latest Situation

31 August 2015 No.764

GAC (Yemen) Ltd, have kindly provided the Association with information on the latest situation in Yemen.


  1. The Hodeidah Port has been reopened and started the work for receiving the ships. All operations are working normally.
  2. The Port of Aden has been reopened, but water and electricity are still not available at Ma’alla and Steamer Point districts where the Port of Aden is located.
  3. The Safer Marine Terminal of the Ras Isa Port is closed and not operational.


For more clarification/information regarding the Hodeidah Port and Ras Isa terminal, please contact GAC Hodeidah office.  The contact details are as follows;



GAC Hodeidah Office

PIC: Khalid Oshish – Branch Manager of Hodeidah Office

Mob: +967 777 176 138