Alterations to the Rules of the Association

31 January 2018 No.17-014
As described in our circular of 30 November 2017 (No. 17-007), the following alterations to the Rules of the Association (the "Rules") will become effective from 12 noon GMT on 20 February 2018 for the 2018 Policy Year.  The amendments are explained below, and extracts of the relevant provisions are attached hereto.

Rule 10(2) (Continuation of Insurance Contract)
Rule 16.2 and 3 (Maintenance of Classification and Compliance with Statutory Requirements)

The purpose of these alterations is to make it clear that the Association may cancel the contract of insurance if the Entered Ship ceases to be classed or qualified with a Classification Society or other equivalent and competent organisation approved by the Association, as such classification or qualification is a condition of the contract of insurance.

Rule 19.1(1)(e) (Liabilities in Respect of Seamen)

The purpose of this alteration is to add a new subparagraph providing for coverage of costs and expenses for which Members are socially responsible, subject to prior approval by the Association.

Rule 25.1 (Liabilities in Respect of Pollution)

The twin purpose of this alteration is (1) to clarify the source of escape or discharge of pollutants, and (2) in accordance with an amendment to the IG Pooling Agreement, to adopt a generic reference to the York Antwerp Rules without reference to any specific version.

Rule 30(1) (General Average)

The purpose of this alteration is to amend the wording. (The content of the Rule itself is not changed.)

A Rule Book for the 2018 Policy Year is scheduled to be delivered to Members in early February 2018.