Qatar – Influence on navigation resulting from diplomatic severance by Arabian Gulf Countries (No.2)

13 June 2017 No.900

We have obtained the following update on the captioned topic from our correspondent in UAE, Gulf Agency Company (Dubai) L.L.C.:


Port of Fujairah

  • Following vessels and cargo categories are not allowed:

  • Qatari flag vessel or owned by Qatari Companies or Qatari individuals. (Part or fully owned or insured by Qatari insurance company)

  • Vessels loading/discharging any cargo of Qatari origin.

  • Vessels loading any cargo of UAE origin destined for Qatar.

  • Reference to the latest Notice To Mariners No.225 issued by Port of Fujairah dated 12 June 2017, the Port has verbally advised all Shipping Agents in Fujairah that, ALL vessels EXCEPT Qatari flag and Qatari Owned, whether coming from / going to Qatar are now permitted to perform bunkering, de-slopping, fresh water supply and delivery of provisions at Fujairah anchorage, however, crew changes is still not permitted. The permission was given verbally by Fujairah port authority and no memorandum was issued for this matter at the moment. Hence, Gulf Agency Company (Dubai) L.L.C. strongly suggest that all vessels has to contact their respective Agents prior calling to Fujairah port for confirmation.


We shall keep you advised of developments in this matter.