Suez Canal – Opening of New Lane

12 August 2015 No.755

Abou Ali, our correspondents in Egypt, have kindly provided the Association with information about paper charts covering the new lane of the Suez Canal.


The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) has issued circular No.5/2015, which regulates the new traffic system, time limits and speed.  The circular can be viewed via this link:  The English translation of the circular states that “Electronic Charts have been issued for the new Suez Canal” and that the “charts are available at Edward Company for Maritime Services”.  The English translation of the circular makes no reference to paper charts.  However, the Arabic, original, version of the circular does refer to “paper” charts as well, but the word was erroneously omitted from the English translation.  According to Abou Ali, the paper charts are available at a cost of EGP400 (Approx. USD53).


In addition, Abou Ali was informed that the SCA so far has not imposed any fines on vessels/owners for failure to update their charts for the new lane of the canal, but that the Authority will begin doing so in the near future.


In the above circumstances, Members whose vessels may transit the new Suez Canal are advised to purchase the new charts in order to prevent unnecessary fines.