Action against vessels found to be carrying illegal drugs in Kenya

4 September 2014 No.688

We have received the attached information from Eltvedt & O’Sullivan, our correspondent in France, about the action against vessels carrying illegal drugs in Kenya.

As a lot of illegal drugs, especially heroin, have found their way to the Port of Mombasa, the president of Kenia, Uhuru Kenyatta, stated that any vessel caught with such drugs will be destroyed together with the Illegal cargo. On Friday 29th July, 2014 such a vessel with a heroin haul valued at over USD11.3m was blown up and sunk at sea.

Many countries take severe actions against illegal drugs. The vessels are target for the way of transportation of illegal drugs and, if the drugs are found in the vessel, the crew may be arrested or indicted, or, even worse, the vessel might be confiscated. The most common way to hide the drugs is by way of divers attaching them to the vessel’s hull, inside the ladder stock space, bow thruster, etc.

We hope that your vessels will not be involved in this kind of troubles.