Policies & Countermeasures Regarding COVID-19 (No.5)

1 June 2020

To the Members

In accordance with the lifting by the Japanese Government on 25 May of the State of Emergency, we shall be revising the working arrangements in our Japanese offices (Principal Office / Tokyo, Kobe Branch, Fukuoka Branch and Imabari Branch) from 1 June as below :


  • We shall resume operations in all offices, but shall maintain the use of teleworking and flexible working.


  • To avoid close contact for staff and visitors, we shall limit "face-to-face" meetings only to those deemed required and essential, and shall conduct online meetings in all other cases.


  • When visiting our offices, we shall encourage the use of hand sanitiser by our visitors, and may ask visitors to enter their full contact details in a visitors’ book so that we keep a record of all contacts with our staff.


  • We shall maintain these working arrangements for the time being and may change them in due course as appropriate.


When an accident, other urgent matter occurred, please connect with our emergency contacts.


We apologise for any inconvenience these measures may cause, and appreciate your kind understanding.